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Mine-Craft Madness! Creeper wall art, magnets & drinkable potion

Morning workshops - for the craft obsessed: (10am, 11am)

Come and have some Minecraft inspired fun with The Mini Makery and create your own masterpiece to take home and display on your bedroom wall.

Crafters will get to make their own Creeper wall art, by building a picture with 3D tiles, block by block.. The work of art will be placed in a box frame and displayed for the world to admire!

Decorate a naturally scented Minecraft magnet with glitter and gem stones, choose from Steve, Pig, Creeper, Sword or TNT block to create the ultimate Minecraft inspired decoration.

Ages 7+ due to the skills needed to creat such a masterpiece! £13.50 per ticket


Afternoon workshops for the Minecraft Wizards, £10 per ticket (1pm, 2pm)

The afternoon sees us creating drinkable, Minecraft inspired potions with all sorts of wonderful ingredients.. magma cream, glistening melon, gun powder, fermented spider eyes, redstone, glowstone.. and more!! What powers will your potions unlock? Decorate a potion vial to take your glistening potion home in 🧪

Choose two magnets from our fantastic collection; Steve, Pig, TNT block, Creeper and the Sword decorate with glitter and gem stones and place a magnet on the back so you can display your creations at home!

Any food allergies we need to know about?! Please message us with info 👍🏻

We are super passionate about encouraging children to get crafty and creative away from screens. Giving children the space to be creative builds self esteem and gives them an outlet to express themselves. In other words, it’s super good for them!

Workshops are indoors so tickets are VERY limited, adults get an hours free time to enjoy a coffee and a piece of cake in peace. This is guaranteed to be a very popular event! We’re super excited to get crafting!

Tickets are non refundable, however we will endeavour to transfer tickets to another events if given 24 hours notice and space permits.

Earlier Event: February 13