Nature Trail


The Farm Shop is surrounded by 25 acres of its own fields, orchards and woodlands, through which we have signposted a mile-long nature trail. It’s a 40-minute walk if you take a questionnaire to do en route, and you will need wellington boots (not suitable for a buggy). We have devised two sets of questions, which you can pick up from the Farm Shop before you venture out. One is aimed at the under-fives, which includes a scavenger hunt (find a piece of ivy or a feather; draw a picture of your favourite animal etc) and one for children of six and over.

In spring, find snowdrops and bluebells; in summer count the bird species; and in autumn identify the bugs rooting around under the deciduous. An ideal way to spend time with your young children or grandchildren, helping to open their eyes to the delights of the natural world.