farm grown food


We grow what we can at the Farm Shop, and what we can't grow, we source from tenant farmers here on the Estate.

We are a real farm. As such we are subject to the vagaries of the British weather, and our fruit and vegetables are not forced or faked. For example, two years ago, we had a bumper crop of plums for picking in the autumn. Last year, heavy rains and frost damaged the blossom in spring, so the resulting plum harvest was negligible. If you’re in any doubt, do give us a call to check what’s in season and indeed if it has grown as expected.

As a preliminary guide, below is our calendar of what should be in season when, British weather willing. (Please note, this is not a Pick-Your-Own calendar, please sign up for our weekly newsletter for the latest on what PYO fruit and vegetables are available through the Summer and Autumn months.)