hawarden estate logs

Temperatures are dropping, and as we start to light our fires, we want to let you know that we supply Hawarden Estate grown logs -hard wood, soft wood and kindling- which you can pick up from the Farm Shop, or can be delivered to your door by the van load. Please call us for details and how to order.


Load of hardwood £110

Load of softwood £75

Load of mixed £90

Bag of softwood £4

Bag of hardwood £5.25

Bag of kindling £3

Delivery is free under 5 miles with a charge of £5 thereafter.

What's the difference between hard and soft wood?

Hardwood fundamentally comes from trees that lose their leaves in the winter, so trees such as Oak, Ash, Beech etc. They are slow growing (80-100 years to maturity) and therefore provide a dense timber, which burns more slowly than softwood.  Hardwood also has lower sap levels, so less resin gets deposited up the chimney. In contrast softwood comes from evergreen trees and grows much faster maturing in 25-30 years and the timber is therefore less dense. Trees include Pine, Larch, Spruce and Douglas Fir etc.  It burns much more quickly than hardwood, you might need twice as much by volume as hardwood, however, it dries twice as quickly and is perfect for wood burning stoves as it heats them up very quickly, increases ‘draw’  and reduces smoke.

How much firewood do you need?

Always a difficult one, and depends on so many factors such as size of room, house insulation, stove efficiency and the way you use it, but as a rule of thumb I would work on about 3 - 4 m3 per annum. That's based on using it most evenings and weekends from October to April.

How to store

We cut the logs for you into short lengths - and most importantly split them to increase the surface area and speed up drying. Now it's over to you, and we recommend that you store the logs stacked neatly under cover and in a store which allows maximum airflow from all sides and ideally with the logs off the ground. Putting a sheet over your stack of logs is not ideal as it does not allow sufficient airflow across the top of the logs.

Where to store your logs

This is often not thought through. It is vital you consider both aspects of operations - i.e. where is the most convenient point for delivery, nice and handy to the store and where is the best place for taking logs into the house.