New event announced with Woodland Classroom; Forest Bathing


Shinrin-yoku (which translates to Forest Bathing) has captured peoples attention everywhere. In Japan it is widely used as a preventative medicine for its beneficial effect on our wellbeing. We know instinctively that spending time out in nature is good for our soul, but now research into Forest Bathing is proving our gut feelings to be true. Join us for a morning session of relaxation techniques, meditation, earthing and nature connection, with the aim of giving you a range of techniques which you can take away and use in your own time enjoying the outdoors.

"Un-wind, de-stress, relax, turn off your phone and plug in to nature."

Lea and Kay from Woodland Classroom will be hosting the workshop here at the Farm Shop on May 11th from 10am-1pm. This class is for ages 18+ and costs £30 per person.