By: Sarah    Date: 02/24/15

Virgin Mary Recipe With Mara Seaweed!

By: Sarah Date: 02/24/15 Category: Recipes

Whether you're hungover, under the weather, or simply in need of a vitamin boost this recipe by Mara Seaweed -which you can find in the Farm Shop this week- is perfect.

It's a umani-rich recipe which transforms a regular tomato juice into a metabolism kick-starting energy drink. "Kombu and Tomato are a winning combination both containing a good amount of the essential minerals: calcium, potassium and magnesium."

The Ingredients (for two glasses):

- 400 ml Tomato juice
- Juice of half a Lemon
- 2 tspĀ Kombu
- Ground Black Pepper
- Splash of Tobasco (to taste)
- 2 Celery sticks

Now mix all the ingredients together, drop in some ice cubes, and add the celery sticks to finish. You can even wet the rim of your glass and dip it into a mix of Kombu and celery salt for a full-on cocktail look. And -if the hangover was never an issue- you could always Bloody Mary this recipe up with a splash of your favourite vodka tipple.