By: Sarah    Date: 07/08/15

Thomasina Miers’ Gooseberry Fool

By: Sarah Date: 07/08/15 Category: Recipes

Pick Your Own season is in full swing on the Farm Shop grounds with thousands of gooseberry and strawberry plants bearing their delicious fruit. To make the most of your fresh gooseberries this summer (we've got both green and pink varieties), here's Thomasina Miers' take on the iconic British summer classic:

Serves 6-8

Sugar 125g
Water 25ml
Gooseberries 450g
Orange Zest and Juice 1, finely grated
Pernod 1 tbsp
Vanilla Pod 1, split in half down the middle
Double Cream 300ml, softly whipped

Melt the sugar with the water, add the gooseberries and orange zest and juice, and simmer gently for 15 minutes with the lid on and a little faster for 10 minutes with the lid off. Set aside and add the Pernod. Blend the gooseberries until they are fairly smooth. Many prefer to leave the gooseberry skins on as this enhances the flavour and provides the fool with a bit of bite, but by all means push it through a sieve for a smoother finish.

Taste the gooseberry purée for sweetness and then fold gently into the whipped cream. Serve with some toasted flaked almonds, breadcrumbs toasted in sugar or sticks of buttery shortbread.

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