By: Sarah    Date: 03/14/14

Billionaire’s shortbread

By: Sarah Date: 03/14/14 Category: Recipes

225g soft flour

75g castor sugar

175g unsalted butter

1 tin condensed milk

200g unsalted butter

Tin golden syrup

As much cinder toffee as you like!

Enough milk chocolate to cover your baking tray

To make the shortbread - Cream together the sugar and the 175g butter, then add the flour and mix to a dough. Roll out and press into the base of the cooking dish before leaving to rest in a fridge.  Bake at 160 degrees for 8 mins until golden. Leave to cool before adding the caramel layer.

To make the caramel - Open the tin of condensed milk and pour into a pan, add 200g butter and golden syrup.  Place onto stove and bring gently to the boil.  You must stir continuously.  When it is like liquid toffee pour over the shortbread base and cool.

To finish crumble over cinder toffee.  Warm the milk chocolate and pour over the caramel layer and leave to set.  Ensure the chocolate is set before cutting.