By: Sarah    Date: 11/17/15


By: Sarah Date: 11/17/15 Category: Recipes

Our butchers have three tips for cooking a perfect turkey. As with all meat their mantra is ‘keep it simple’.

1. Smear the entire breast with butter and cover with bacon.
2. Don’t weigh the turkey until it’s dressed and stuffed.
3. 500g per person is about right and will leave enough for some good leftovers on Boxing Day.

Our butchery team have won many national prizes for their exceptional knowledge, skill and the quality of their meat. These guys are proper, committed butchers working in traditional ways with the very best local farmers. Great meat is at the centre of a great Christmas and we’ve got the very best you’ll find anywhere; free range turkey on or off the bone, 28-day-hung beef, local game, hand-cured bacon, sausages made in The Shop. You name it, we’ve got it. It’s important to remember that butchers really enjoy being challenged. They are real craftspeople with traditional skills. So, if you want them to prepare your meat in a particular way please ask them because they genuinely want to help.

Don't forget, all orders must be placed by Thursday 10th December, and picked up by Thursday 24th December.