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Our Sourcing Policy

A Note on Provenance.

What distinguishes our Farm Shop from many other food shops (and there are a lot out there)? Most importantly we want to understand exactly where our food comes from. Provenance is key to us because we not only believe in food that tastes great but that is also local, sustainable and is good for our community, the environment and our customer’s health. But everyone talks about provenance, don’t they? And so we try to go an extra mile by really understanding precisely where all of our meat, vegetables and dairy products come from.

Much of our meat is sourced from the Hawarden Estate, and if it isn’t reared right here, our butchers work hand-in-hand with local farmers and merchants to select the best, most sustainable and most local produce they can. So, if you ask our butchers where their products come from they should be able to tell you…precisely. And if they can’t, they’re not doing their job properly. Our sausage are made here by our butchers, as are almost all of our pastries and pies.

We grow all sorts of fruit and veg right here, just outside the farm shop. And we also work with a number of other growers (many of them are small-holders) on Hawarden Estate to source the best local produce. Not all of our fruit and veg is local because our customers want things like lemons and bananas; but much of it is.

All of our milk is produced just over the road. And almost all of our cheese is British.

Local is good. Provenance is key. We want to bring you the best and so that’s what we’re trying to do.


Take Away

For those occasions when you’ve run out of time to cook… or you get a surprise visit… or you just want your dinner party prepared by someone else (simply present in your own dish)… you need a HEFS ready-made meal. We make them here, using fresh ingredients straight from the farm, and no additives or preservatives. We believe in tasty, nutritious home-cooking, just like you do.

Food Hall

Fresh fruit and vegetables grown on surrounding farms… our own unbeatable asparagus… freshly handmade cakes and chocolates… chutneys, relishes, jams… bread delivered to us daily… juices made from estate-grown fruit… cheeses from the best artisan cheesemongers, many of them local… the food hall at HEFS has quite simply the best quality, most tasty food you can find.


Pure delight: the deli at HEFS serves home-cured, home-cooked hams, roast beef, salamis and chicken; we also make beautiful pies and quiches and our famous monster sausage rolls. On the counter there’s a choice of olive oils from small, artisan producers in Italy and Greece, and flavoured vinegars, which we bottle to order. We also make our own salads every day: deliciously creative combinations of the best quality ingredients.



Our pride and joy: the HEFS butchery regularly wins awards for its skill, creativity and service-with-a-smile. Estate-grown beef is usually hung for at least 28 days before being expertly butchered. We also have lamb, pork, free-range chicken, venison and other game for roasting, or jointed for casseroling or stir-frying. We make our own fantastic sausages in a huge variety of flavours. And we’re always happy to chat, and to share our favourite ways to cook things. Sign up to our enewsletter for details on our regular butchery workshops.