By: Sarah    Date: 02/18/14

We are Jimmy’s people #JimmysPeople

By: Sarah Date: 02/18/14 Category: News

Jimmy's Iced Coffee is a business we've watched with amusement since it first launched in Selfridges in 2011 – not least because it really speaks our language. Have a look at, and you'll see what we mean. Jimmy's main product is cartons of iced coffee – decaf, original and skinny – made with ethically sourced coffee, British milk and a dash of demerara, to a home-grown recipe that was inspired by the iced coffees Jim enjoyed on his travels in Tasmania. But Jimmy's 'world' is so much more – we love his blog posts, his sense of adventure, his love of the outdoors. Come and taste a Jimmy's Iced Coffee in the Farm Shop, and if you like it – which we are certain you will – take advantage of this week's special offer of three cartons for the price of two.