By: Sarah    Date: 11/14/16


By: Sarah Date: 11/14/16 Category: News

We are famous in North Wales for our handsome Christmas trees at the Farm Shop. They are grown in Scotland, most of them on the Gladstone’s Christmas tree farm in Aberdeenshire. So we know exactly what goes into them, and that they are expertly cared for and nurtured by our Christmas Tree Manager, Soren, before being cut down at the very last minute to keep them looking fresh for as long as possible in your home. Oh, and Estate Farmer Joel and our team of expert woodsmen will be on hand to trim, pack and carry your tree to your car, of course. Our Christmas trees will be available to pick up this year from the 26th November.


1.         Position your tree away from direct heat, radiators, open fires or sunny windows.  The most important thing to consider is keeping it as cool as possible.

2.         Choose a stand that has a water reservoir, a Christmas tree should be treated in the same way as cut flowers.

3.         Cut the bottom inch off the trunk and water within 8hrs, this gives a really good surface for the tree to absorb water. We are happy to do this for you.

4.         Never remove any bark from the trunk as the bark is most absorbent part of the tree.

5.         On the first day the tree may drink as much a gallon of water, after that keep it topped up so that water always covers the bottom of the trunk.


Nordmann                                   Norway Spruce

5ft     £40                                         5ft     £36

6ft     £50                                         6ft     £45

7ft     £62                                         7ft     £58

8ft     £84                                         14ft  £110

10ft  £130                                         15ft  £120

12ft  £170                                          20ft  £270

15ft £250                                         25ft  £400

20ft  £350

25ft  £725

Nordmann Blocked               Frazer Fir

5ft     £45                                         6ft     £50

6ft     £55

Pine                                                Noble

5ft     £30                                         6ft     £50

6ft     £36                                        Potted

7ft     £44                                        ALL   £30.00