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By: Sarah    Date: 05/10/13

Summer Fun

By: Sarah Date: 05/10/13 Category: News

Bank Holiday at the Farm Shop

What a wonderful first weekend the barbecue had back in action. The sun shone, the meat sizzled, and it felt like the whole world was here (smiley face). The barbecue is now back for the duration of the summer, and we’ll be cooking up Hawarden Estate steak sandwiches, home-made beef, lamb and chilli burgers, lime and herb-marinated chicken kebabs and hot dogs made using Steve’s sensational sausages. As the summer progresses, there will be lots of freshly picked strawberries – and other berries – for pudding, topped off with clotted cream or Cheshire Farm ice cream. Don’t miss it.

Summer dressing

Fashion for farm shops? Well, you could say so. Scarlet Angel, a bona fide organic smallholding in Wales, makes these wonderful organic dressings, which can be used on salad, as dips or as marinades for meat. The dressings come in three flavours: sweet pepper & chilli; lemon & black pepper; and lime, ginger & coriander – and are prepared on a bright yellow Aga and bottled at the farmhouse kitchen table. All the ingredients are Fair Trade and locally grown if possible, and there are no nasty additives or preservatives. Your salad will thank you.