By: Sarah    Date: 04/17/14

Can You Do Street Food At Home?

By: Sarah Date: 04/17/14 Category: News

Does the thought of dishing up yet another full roast  leave you feeling a bit blah? Doesn't it always seem there's never enough chairs but always far too much washing up? If you’re searching for something a bit different this spring, you may want to consider throwing a Street Food doo.

Until it’s rise in popularity, Street Food, for most of us was the pie and chip van outside the football ground. What used to be a cheap meal, usually involving something smothered in ketchup has now evolved into a hugely popularfood movement. But while most of us don’t own a food truck or even a food cart for that matter, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the best bits of Street Food at home.

Street Food is perfect for get togethers. The flavours are more diverse than your average barbeque, and by choosing a few key dishes, you’re saving yourself the hassle of preparing a fiddly buffet.  There’s no need to worry about fitting everyone around the table. Street Food is designed to be eaten on the fly, so no messing with cutlery, fold out chairs and side plates.

It’s easy to throw a Street Food party. Most vendors base their entire operation around one key ingredient - be it pulled pork, a couple of slow roasted marinated chickens or perhaps a heap of home made falafel. The remainder of the meal is comprised of salads, dressings and a flexible bread based wrap to hold it all in. Serving up a few key dishes also eradicates any of the ...well... pot luck of a pot luck. Helpful guests will appreciate being asked to bring a coleslaw or tabbouleh to the party.

All the best Street Food is served as simply as possible, so leave the good china packed away this time. Burritos can be held in place with sheets of tin foil and there are plenty of places on the internet to buy pretty sheets of  greaseproof paper and food bags to serve up flavoured popcorn. Once they’ve all arrived, all you need to do is point your guests in the direction of the food with the briefest instructions of how to wrap a burrito, fill their pulled pork bun or dress their falafels.

The sheer variety of great Street Food options means you can create a menu perfectly suited to your own tastes and those of your guests. To keep things simple, we’ve stuck to a few popular regions for our Street Food recipe ideas. However, there’s nothing stopping you from mixing it up this Easter.

Deep South Street Food Party

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Some of our favourite American recipes originate from the deep south. We’ve pulled together a selection of our favourite pulled pork recipes and a few great side dishes for you to enjoy it with. We’ve even added a brioche bun recipe if you’re feeling adventurous.

Mexican Street Food Party

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Mexican Street Food sparked the trend for outside dining done quick, easy and tasty. We’ve pulled together some popular dishes as well as a few great twists on easy snacks. In Mexico, vendors serve cheesy corn on the cob in paper cups and there are plenty of places to buy pretty bags for your Mexican popcorn.

Peruvian Street Food Party

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While it’s not quite as popular as Mexico or America, Peru really is the spot for adventurous street dining. Our recipes include Chicharrones - a peruvian snack of belly pork cubes,

Ceviche - raw fish ‘cooked’ in lime juice, chilli and fresh coriander and Anticuchos - marinated beef kebabs. We’ve also found a great recipe for the Solterito, a traditional marinated fresh salad.