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By: Sarah    Date: 10/25/13

Pumpkin party!

By: Sarah Date: 10/25/13 Category: News

So the witches are tuning up their broomsticks and it's the weekend to take advantage of Hawarden Estate's abundant harvest of ripe pumpkins. We'll be bringing over 1,000 of them in from the fields this year: a variety of shapes, sizes and colours that will make a lively and mountainous display in the Farm Shop. Quite apart from all the weird and wonderful lanterns that you'll be carving, the pumpkin itself is perfect for putting into hearty, warming soups and stews. Here's our chef Martin's favourite recipe. And by the way... we love getting your lanterns too! Hand yours in to Vicky and she'll put it on show; there's a prize for the best – to be awarded after hallowe'en.