By: Sarah    Date: 11/25/15

Now Stocking Cast + Spun Iron Pans by Netherton Foundry!

By: Sarah Date: 11/25/15 Category: News

We're now stocking a great range of pans by Shropshire based Netherton Foundry​ at the Farm Shop. Netherton Foundry work with experienced local craftsmen to make both cast iron and spun iron cookware here in Britain. Their large casserole bowls, tagines and garden hobs are made of cast iron, while their frying pans and saucepans are spun iron. Netherton's spun Iron is around 35% lighter than a similar sized cast iron pan but with similar cooking characteristics. So the major advantage over cast iron is weight, making their pans handy for outdoor use. Spun iron also copes with induction hobs better, with no risk of cracking, and both are great on flames. All of Netherton Foundry's cookware is pre-seasoned before dispatch. They season with British grown flax oil (edible linseed), which gives a hard black non stick finish and only gets better with use. These pans are a brilliant Christmas present for keen cooks, so stop by and have a look.