By: Sarah    Date: 03/13/17


By: Sarah Date: 03/13/17 Category: News

Our highly skilled team of butchers here at the Farm Shop -Simon, Colette, Sam, Peter and Emma- is full of creativity and passion. They live by the motto 'Local is good, provenance is key'. Provenance is key to us because we not only believe in food that tastes great but that is also local, sustainable and is good for our community, the environment and our customer’s health. Much of our meat is sourced from the Hawarden Estate, and if it isn’t reared right here, our butchers work hand-in-hand with local farmers and merchants to select the best, most sustainable and most local produce they can. So, if you ask one of our butchers where our meat comes from they should be able to tell you…precisely.

This week, to celebrate National Butchers' Week, we thought we'd find out a bit more about our butchers. Sam is first up, here's what' he had to say:

How long have you worked at the Farm Shop?
3 years

What's your favourite part of the job?
Serving the customers and making sure they have the best cut that they need and also ensuring they are cooking it correctly.*
*(Sam is brilliant with the customers and they in turn love him!)

What is your favourite music to work to?
Ed Sheeran

Who is your favourite chef? 
Tom Kerridge.
Tom Kerridge's latest book The Dopamine Diet was released in January.

Not many people know that...
Sam once met Ricky Tomlinson when he was in hospital for 6 months after having a nasty accident (car vs leg!). Ricky visited him on the ward and chatted away with him for a while. And not such a secret, Sam has 2 dogs at home and would ideally love even more!