By: Sarah    Date: 02/21/14

Great food gluten-free

By: Sarah Date: 02/21/14 Category: News

Facebook followers of Hawarden Estate Farm Shop will have spotted that we are experimenting with going vegetarian this week. Not that we want to upset our award-winning butchery or anything; but we just wanted to prove that the Farm Shop has everything it takes to follow a delicious and entirely vegetarian diet. Taking this a step further, we thought we would look at how the Farm Shop can help anyone who is on a gluten-free diet – or, indeed, anyone who simply prefers to keep wheat out of their diet in favour of alternative sources of grain and starch. The deli has come up with a brilliant salad using quinoa, chillies, cherry tomatoes, red onion and pine nuts – you can try some in the café or buy it in a pot to take away. Quinoa is a crop with edible seeds, but is not a cereal – in fact it's more connected to a beetroot. We are also stocking Easy Bean chickpea crispbread in a variety of flavours. Easy Bean specialises in traditional, handmade, one-pot meals and crispbreads which, as well as celebrating the humble bean in all its forms, are all dairy and gluten-free. Not to be outdone, Rob and the butchers can make up gluten-free sausages, burgers and pigs-in-blankets – in large quantities if you'd like to fill the freezer, but do call ahead with your order.