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By: Sarah    Date: 07/19/13

Fruit march

By: Sarah Date: 07/19/13 Category: News

It’s that time of year when the fresh fruit and vegetables growing in the fields around the Farm Shop start to take over. We can barely keep up with them and their unashamedly vast quantities of vitamin C. We have new potatoes – Flintshires, as we like to call them, for obvious reasons – and there is a constant parade of strawberries and raspberries; plus gooseberries ripening and blackcurrants ready for plucking – all begging to be made into jams, jellies and coulis. We also have some special pink dessert gooseberries, reminiscent of old-fashioned gardens. Sweeter than their green cousins, they make delicious, tasty pies, and are ideal for freezing too – so that you can have a burst of summer at Christmas time.


In the Farm Shop, you can buy all our fruit by the punnet, ready-picked by one of us, or do feel free to come along and pick your own. The chefs at The Glynne Arms are also rubbing their hands with glee: gooseberries and blackcurrants go to make the most wonderful tarts, pies, fools, ice creams and mousses, so expect to find superb examples of these popping up on the menu over the next few weeks.