By: Sarah    Date: 06/03/15

Freshly Baked Bread at the Farm Shop

By: Sarah Date: 06/03/15 Category: News

We have fresh deliveries of locally baked bread from Monday to Saturday at the Farm Shop, which is served in our cafe and available to buy. Both of the bakeries who supply our loaves are local -one in Wrexham and the other on the Wirral- and have been baking our bread for several years, so we can guarantee that it's some of the best bread around. We have a really good range; choose from ciabatta, brioche buns, sourdough, bloomers, cobs, poppyseed knots, croissants, tea cakes and more. And if we don't have the one you like, just let a member of our team know before 2pm and we'll get it in for you the following day.