By: Sarah    Date: 05/27/15

Estate Grown Wild Garlic & Asparagus!

By: Sarah Date: 05/27/15 Category: News

Our homegrown asparagus has been going down a storm in the Farm Shop this month!  This delicious crop is really coming into it's own now and we can hardly pull it out of the ground quick enough, you can pick up a bunch now for just £2.50! We've even spotted Adam, Head Chef at The Glynne Arms, pilfering our wonderful asparagus crop to thrown in the pot for some great specials in the pub - you have to give these a try!

This week we have also teamed up with The Glynne Arms to harvest the incredible wild garlic which can be found around the estate. You can pick up a bunch of wild garlic for just £1.50 in the farm shop now - or try Adam's wild garlic recipe as this week he has a special risotto with artichoke, wild garlic, parmesan cheese and garlic flowers. Not only does it taste incredible, it looks amazing too!