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By: Sarah    Date: 05/19/14

Down and dirty

By: Sarah Date: 05/19/14 Category: News

Being a Farm Shop, we have no problem with a bit of mud on our root veg. It just demonstrates that it's real, fresh and grown right outside the door. It might be harder convincing you that dirt on the butcher's counter was a Good Thing, however. Or in the food served up by the café. But ask most teenagers what is meant by 'dirty food' and their eyes (and salivary glands) will light up in anticipation. It's posh fast food, that's what – and a licence to eat burgers and hotdogs heaped with shredded pork, tomato topping, smokey bbq sauce, bacon, pickle, mustard and even American cheese. It's the backlash that's been coming ever since Jamie Oliver put them off eating McDonalds in the early noughties. And it's coming to the Farm Shop café! Our inspiration is Carol Hilker's brilliant book 'Dirty Food', which we also have on sale – described as over 65 devilishly delicious recipes for the best worst food you'll ever eat – ribs, burgers, fried chicken, wings, pies, floats... you get the idea. So here's a taster of what we're putting on the new menu, coming in about three weeks' time (extra napkins included): steak sandwich with a 6oz HEFS ribeye steak on fresh ciabatta with blue cheese & rocket; diner burger – topped with American cheese, sweet bacon, fried egg, Dijon mustard & pickle; pulled pork tacos; American hot dogs; pie n mash; and the 'custom slaw' burger: a 6oz minced beef steak with American cheese, coleslaw, cucumber & pickle... Sounds good? It really is. And because all the meat is top quality from our butchery – and not reinforced with extra fat, salt and sugar – the nutrition police can relax.