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By: Sarah    Date: 03/17/15


By: Sarah Date: 03/17/15 Category: News

If you've ever popped in to the Farm Shop you'll know about our cheese. Sat between the Deli and the Butchery, our cheese selection gets a lot of attention and for good reason. It's full of wonderful cheeses like these:

Chèvre Goat Log - This Dutch Goats Cheese has a classic white mould, suitable for vegetarians and made with pasteurised milk.

Bri Petit - A Soft French Cheese this one is creamier and richer tasting than your average soft cheese. 60% Brie,  suitable for vegetarians and made with pasteurised cows milk.

Gruyere wheel cut - This Mature, Hard French Cheese has a wonderful complexity of flavours, at first fruity, then revealing more earthy, nutty characteristics that linger on the palate. Made with unpasteurised cows milk.

Gruyere King Cut - Another Mature, Hard Cheese but this time from Switzerland. It's a creamy unpasteurised hard cheese with a natural rusty brown rind, dry and pited with holes.

Saint Agur - A Mild Soft French Cheese made by the Bongrain Company. It's a blue cheese from the village of Beauzac in the Monts du Valley central France. The pasteurised milk is enriched with cream and contains 60% butterfat qualifying it as double-cream cheese. Aged in cellars 60 days the cheese becomes stronger & spicier as it ages..

Edam - A Dutch classic. This Semi-Hard Cheese is aged for at least 17 weeks -Edam ages well, it doesn't spoil but only hardens- this pasteurised cheese is named after the town of Edam in Holland with curd of a pale yellow colour.

Dutch Gouda - A Semi-Hard, Mature Dutch Cheese it is suitable for vegetarians and made with pasteurised milk. It's an orange rinsed cheese named after the city of Gouda in the Netherlands and can be matured for up to 36 months.

Gouda with Olives and Tomato - All that great Gouda taste with extra flair from the added delights. The delicate flavours are well balanced & linger delightfully on the palate. Suitable for vegetarians and made with pasteurised milk.

Manchego - A Hard Sheep's Cheese from Spain. This is matured for at least 6 months lending to a very adaptable cheese ideal in cooking especially tapas or on the cheese board. A hard cheese from La Mancha and suitable for vegetarians.

We also have a wonderful range of local Welsh Cheeses on offer making for one seriously good cheese board!