By: Sarah    Date: 07/15/15


By: Sarah Date: 07/15/15 Category: News

1. We have fields strawberries, gooseberries, and blackcurrants ripe for the picking! Or if you don't have time to pick them, come inside and pick up some punnets we've already picked for you. And here's an amazing Gooseberry Fool Recipe by MasterChef winner Thomasina Miers who will be joining us at The Good Life Experience in September.

2. We serve the very best coffee by Allpress Coffee. Allpress is a coffee roaster and espresso specialist that was established in New Zealand in 1986. They are all about flavour, starting at coffee farms and finishing in your cup. Allpress's obsession with the best tasting coffee involves selecting top grade Arabica beans, using innovative roasting technology and -importantly- training baristas how to make the perfect cup. All of our baristas at the Farm Shop have been trained to make our coffees just how Allpress intended.

3. Our American style Barbeque! Head Butcher Liam has put together a best selling barbeque menu which has already been a hit this summer. On the menu we have Pulled BBQ Brisket topped with coleslaw on a milk bun, Hickory Smoked Pulled Pork and more. The barbeque is open on Saturdays and Sundays, weather permitting,  take a look.

4. The Nature Trail. The Farm Shop is surrounded by 25 acres of its own fields, orchards and woodlands, through which we have signposted a mile-long nature trail. It’s a 40-minute walk if you take a questionnaire to do en route, and you will need Wellington boots (not suitable for a buggy). We have devised two sets of questions, which you can pick up from the Farm Shop before you venture out. One is aimed at the under-fives, which includes a scavenger hunt (find a piece of ivy or a feather; draw a picture of your favourite animal etc) and one for children of six and over.

5. Our famous Farm Shop Scotch Eggs! In fact make that pretty much everything on our deli counter, but particularly our Scotch Eggs. They are made here by our team  with free range eggs from Llangollen and the very best sausage meat and black pudding from our butchery.

6. We have an amazing selection of craft beer at the Farm Shop and make a conscious effort to source locally from Welsh breweries. Have a browse and pick some up to take home from your barbecue.

7. On the subject of your barbecue, our award winning butchery team is on hand to supply you with all the quality meat to supply your home BBQ. Our team will help you choose the best meat cuts for your feast. We have some really good chicken kebabs, which are great for children, and our Welsh black sirloin and fillet steaks which will keep the grown-ups happy.

8. Let your children loose on our play fort, and say hello to our chickens next door. Our traditional wooden play fort -designed for us by local craftsmen- is an effective and fun way to keep children occupied for an hour or two. Clambering and sliding over its struts and platforms, they can let their imagination roam freely as they conjure up soldiers, pirates, dragons and mountaineering adventurers. And all the while you can enjoy your coffee.

9. It's hot and we've got the best ice lollies around made by the Anglesey duo behind Ace Lolly, Phil Pritchard and Rhys Edwards. Inspired by Mexican 'paletas' which literally translates as frozen fruit on a stick, they are just the thing for this weather. The hardest part is choosing what flavour to go for with everything from mint choc, blackberry honey & yoghurt, chocolate, raspberry ripple, strawberries & cream, salted caramel, orange lemon & mango, strawberry lemonade. Yum.