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By: Sarah    Date: 03/11/14

By: Sarah Date: 03/11/14 Category: News

My name is Robert Williams. I grew up on a farm in north Wales. When I left school I went to a traditional butchers in Ruthin where I learnt the traditional skills that are with me today. I also learnt about customer service: you were expected to know the local people and what they liked. For example, what steak Mrs Jones liked (fillet), but ribeye for her husband; or whether to leave the kidney in a pork chop. When I moved to Hawarden to complete my apprenticeship I continued to learn the art of traditional butchery, but also the more modern side (ready meals or ready-to-cook products). In November 2013 I became manager of the butchery, and I'm enjoying the challenges it brings: looking for new suppliers, working with old ones, creating new products, meeting the customers and hearing what they want, so that we never stop improving what we do.

Here, in no particular order, are my top ten Welsh products:

  1. Halen Mon salt

  2. Pant Glas Bach preserves

  3. Mr Wrench's beef

  4. Mr Wrench's lamb

  5. Blue Sauces

  6. Aberwen cheese from Bodnant Welsh Food

  7. Welsh Dragon sausage rolls and sausages

  8. Rosie's cider

  9. Conwy brewery

  10. Home-grown asparagus