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By: Sarah    Date: 11/01/13

By: Sarah Date: 11/01/13 Category: News

Taste of the wild

One of the best products of the English/Welsh countryside at this time of year is wild game. It's tasty, healthy and versatile, and can be grilled, pan-fried, roasted, casseroled, barbecued, braised, minced – or even served up as a curry or Moroccan hotpot. Here at Hawarden Estate, we have been out shooting our own rabbit, pigeon and pheasant, which are then plucked or skinned by the Farm Shop's resident expert, apprentice butcher Steve. We also have liberal, seasonal supplies of venison, partridge, mallard and our own ready-prepared mixed game for turning into stews or pies. Steve or any of the butchery team are happy to chat about the best ways to cook different game – a favourite is simply to roast it and serve with contrastingly sharp Cumberland sauce (made with orange, lemon and redcurrant), game chips and fresh green broccoli from the fields.