By: Sarah    Date: 02/21/17


By: Sarah Date: 02/21/17 Category: Events

Following on from a brilliant bacon curing workshop at the Farm Shop last week, we are looking forward to our next evening session, in which our butchers will teach participants how to break down a lamb, taking home the prime cuts such as leg, loin and shoulder, and also the neck of the lamb, which is excellent for slow cooking. You will also learn how to stuff and roll the breast of the lamb. Yes, that's enough to feed your family for weeks!

We have space for a maximum of four participants, and the 3 hour session is £125 per person. There will be a glass of wine and (cooked!) shredded lamb to keep you going through the class.

6-9pm, Friday March 17th.

Please call 01244 784124 or email to book your space. Payment must be made in advance of the class.