By: Sarah    Date: 05/18/16


By: Sarah Date: 05/18/16 Category: Events

The final tally is in and our Hawarden Estate Tough Mudder Half team has raised a whopping £1,623.75! A huge thank you to all of you who sponsored us, we are so grateful, and all the money is going to a fantastic cause in the Ronald Mcdonald House at Alder Hey.

We are so proud of our team, so a MASSIVE well done to Sarah, Claire, Chris, Liam, Liam, Gwen, Danielle, Emma, Vicky, India, Tara, Kinvara and Lorna, as well as our support team Terry and Caroline.

Here's our Tough Mudder match report from Tough Vicky:

We left HEFS at 5am. Actually one of the most painful parts was waking up at 4.15am on a Saturday morning. The legend that is Terry Robinson was driving. If you want planning, Terry is your man. The bus was not only clean but logoed up to the max, the route immaculately planned and the car park paid for. All in all a very ride smooth. In preparation we ate sausage sandwiches, drank water and energy drinks and alternated between nervous giggles, dozing and bouts of horror in the realisation that this was really about to happen. On the way there we presented Danielle with Little Mermaid armbands to help her with her fear of water and not being able to swim…true bravery.

We kicked off the main event with some terrible dancing from team HEFS in the warm up area. Next a 6’ wall to get over just to get to the start! After 200 yds Kinvara asked if we had run a mile yet…. The first obstacle consisted of navigating through big pipes through a mound into 3 feet of water, then 5 miles of running through streams, climbing things, crawling under barbed wire (avoiding pools of blood from previous comrades – not kidding – disgusting!), water stations, freezing wind, more mud – smellier this time, the team attacking each other – particularly Lorna and Liam Lewis, sun out for a bit, more water, blockness monster, the one with the huge triangles in chest deep water (actually the most fun obstacle), water station with FREE BROWNIES, employing a sandwich technique to get Danielle through deep, stinking, muddy water. Then came Everest – everyone helped with both total strangers and team buddies grabbing everyone at the top. Suffice to say the bruising is spectacular, we have no idea when most of it happened, but it is there as proof of new friends! And so on, as the mile posts rushed past (kind of), the short incident of a middle aged woman (no names) doing upside down splits on top of a 20 foot wall shall be glossed over, until the Flying Squirrel, the finish post and free headband, T shirt and bottle of CIDER – Hurray.

Liam Lewis and Chris went off to the bottom of the car park over another fence and washed together in a pond, frolicking happily until a fisherman requested loudly that they please move on! We had a brilliant picnic, thanks girls, and were on our way home to count bruises and plan the next adventure for the intrepid 13.

“Honour without dignity” should probably be our motto, especially if we could include the months of whatsapp pictures of what we have eaten and drunk in preparation for this.

Roll on 2017.