By: Sarah    Date: 11/16/15


By: Sarah Date: 11/16/15 Category: Events

The first of our Christmas trees have arrived at the Farm Shop. A good Christmas Tree is -in our opinion- one of the best bits of Christmas. And at The Farm Shop we’ve got very good trees indeed. Almost all of our trees are grown on The Gladstone’s Christmas Tree Farm in Scotland (pictured) so we have complete control of them from the moment they are planted as saplings to the day they leave The Farm Shop. In Scotland the Christmas Tree manager -Soren- and his team work all year to nurture the trees and they cut them themselves at the last possible moment to ensure that yours will look fantastic in your home. Our potted trees are Nordman and Norway Spruces, and are £30. Look out for them on your way into the Food Hall.

And don't forget, larger trees that will be arriving soon!