By: Sarah    Date: 04/11/17


By: Sarah Date: 04/11/17 Category: Events

On Thursday  20th April 2017 @ 1pm

Slow Food North East Wales organisation will be continuing their Heritage Recipe Project at the Farm Shop.

Slow Food invites you to come along with heritage recipes to share them over coffee.

This is a yearlong project which will evolve as research progresses. The aim is to catalogue the culinary history of the area of North East Wales through recipes.

You will are invited to contribute;

Local/Heritage Recipes

Family Recipes

Recipes important to you

Other content that you think would be valuable to document the history of our area’s culinary heritage

It will culminate in a publication which will develop as the project develops. It would be great to get as much input on as this as possible from members/other interested parties. So if you feel you have something you would like to contribute or some time to help out in any way please contact Trine on the below emails or come for coffee if you can on the 20th for further discussion.

email or direct message on twitter@SlowFoodNEWales