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By: Sarah    Date: 10/22/14

Save the Date

By: Sarah Date: 10/22/14 Category: Events

Next year's Good Life Experience will be 18-19-20 September 2015 - tickets and an early bird offer now available!

Next year there will be more happening on the Friday night and it will go on until the Sunday afternoon at 4pm. And of course there will be a huge amount happening on the Saturday too; some elements from this year's festival, but masses of new things too.

The Good Life is a festival like no other. It is created by Cerys Matthews and Charlie and Caroline Gladstone who have put together a day of the very best Culture, Food and the Great Outdoors. This will be a voyage of fun and discovery for the whole family.

Watch Cerys perform...learn to throw and axe or fire an arrow…cook on a campfire with Tom Herbert of The Fabulous Baker Brothers…abseil…learn how to cook with Bill Granger…eat some spectacular British food…learn how to make sausages or skin a your new favourite beer…dance to Paprika….take time out with some yoga…learn bushcraft.

So put it in your diary and join us in Hawarden.

''There'll be nurturing, learning and looking until 6pm, then we'll go bonkers til midnight" - Charlie Gladstone, Co-founder of The Good Life Experience