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By: Sarah    Date: 10/14/13

Real food fete

By: Sarah Date: 10/14/13 Category: Events

Christmas planning

We're taking orders now for your Christmas meats (turkey, goose, beef, gammon etc) so do pop in to the Farm Shop any time and tick the simple order form. Planning ahead, we have an important date for your diaries: our annual Christmas Real Food Fete will take place on November 30 and December 1: the ideal way to get in the mood for Christmas and one step ahead with all the food. Lights will be twinkling, wine will be mulling and around 30 of our suppliers will be in to share their best Christmas produce. It's also a great opportunity to pick up gifts for your food- and drink-loving friends and family. Plus the Christmas trees will be in: freshly harvested from our sister estate up in Scotland. Make it a date!