By: Sarah    Date: 05/27/15

New Arrivals This Week!

By: Sarah Date: 05/27/15 Category: Events

This week we have some exciting new arrivals at the Farm Shop. Now our product testing of everything we stock at the Farm Shop is extensive, but for our new Piddington Jams it was particularly thorough! Catherine Piddington is queen of her jampire -as she calls it- and has created some really delicious and original new flavours. Particular favourites among our team are the Apricot and Rosemary and the Plum and Rose, but all of them taste exceptionally good. Eat them on toast or with cheese and we predict that like us you'll be hooked.

We also have some wonderful looking and delicious tasting traditional sweets by Hope & Greenwood. The range is big as we found it so hard to choose. We've got everything from salted caramel fudge to mint balls to blueberry muffin sweets and lots more. And lastly, for a proper hot chocolate,  try our new range by friends Jaz and Juls. Their dark chocolate shavings are naturally flavoured with spices and fruit oils. They use flavours that traditionally work well with chocolate and give them their own unique twist. All you need to do is melt it into milk, easy.