By: Sarah    Date: 04/01/15

The Helter Skelter Is Back In Town!

By: Sarah Date: 04/01/15 Category: Events

The arrival of the Helter Skelter at The Farm Shop is one of our most anticipated events of the year. It signals the official arrival of Spring, the start of the Easter holidays and limitless free rides for customers, friends...and us. Excitingly this year we've got a different Helter Skelter from previous years -so it's not the one pictured but is just as fun, if not more- and we are looking forward to seeing you careering down it!

The Helter Skelter will be open for business as of this Saturday 28th March and will be with us all the way through until the 12th April, so bring the family, enjoy an expertly made coffee and some of this week's special Ferrero Rocher cake in the cafe, and let the children loose outside. Our rule is that if you can carry the mat to the top of the helter skelter by yourself, then you are old enough to ride on your own, if not you will need to go on a parent's knee.